Devastating Powerful Toe Kicking Videos


Devastating Powerful Toe Kicking Videos


Master Moran kicks car door with his toe tip.

watch the training we go through to harden our toe kick. The only true pressure point kick is a toe kick see how toe develope it. this is a clip of toe kick tape 1

Master Moran kicks a bowling ball with the tip of his toe to show the power of the toe kick.

Watch Master Moran kick a bowling ball with his toe!
Filmed at the Bushido-zen Martial Arts Academy in Belmont Ma

Master Moran kicks a bowling ball with the tip of his toe!
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Hello world! Master Moran

About..Master Moran

Master Moran began his training in Judo at the age of 7 years old in his hometown of Belmont Ma. He has 40 years of martial arts experience and has had to use his martial arts many times to save his life. He has trained in and has black belts in Shorin-Ryu Karate, Kenpo Karate, Kempo Karate, Shuri Ryu Karate, Arnis, and has trained in Bjj, kung fu, and more. He is well known for his invention the sharp shooter self-defense keychain, the Moran Speed Tracker and more.
Master Moran claims his best invention is the American pressure point self-defense system. It is a style that can be used by people of any age or size. A system of self-defense that is not like the others and is easy for anyone to learn. His system has been proved in the ring in mma and outside in real street self-defense and in real combat situations. If you are thinking of training in our system now is a great time to start with our new on line live 2 year Black belt program. You will be training live with Master Moran via web cam one on one private classes just like he is there with you. Don’t miss out on this great chance to train with Master Moran there are only a few spots open so Start today!!

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